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Flexible Hours

This is a big win for many drivers: the chance to abandon the nine-to-five. If you have kids to drop off at school or you need to keep yourself ticking over while taking a college course, then taxi driving could be for you. It’s possible to work part-time or take on extra hours – whatever suits your lifestyle and aspirations.

Working for yourself

If you like the idea of being your own boss, you can set yourself up as a ‘sole trader’ taxi driver. That means you are self-employed, working the hours you want and keeping your fares for yourself, with no manager breathing down your neck. It’s the way that most taxi drivers operate.

Driving for a living

If you’re never happier than behind the wheel, then taxi driving could be the career that makes your heart sing.
Picture it: driving around your home city or beautiful countryside in your comfy cab, your favourite tunes playing, enjoying chats with your passengers.

Required documents to be carried out
If you own a car
  • Driving License
  • Original Private Hire/Hackney Driver’s License
  • Original Private Hire/Hackney Vehicle License
  • Insurance Policy Certificate
If you Hire a car
  • Driving License
  • Original Private Hire/Hackney Driver’s License
  • National Insurance Number
  • Credit/Debit Card
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